Decibel Eleven Loop Expander

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Product Overview

The Decibel Eleven Loop Expander is a programmable audio switcher that adds true- bypass effects loop switching to any MIDI controlled setup. The Loop Expander includes four relay true-bypass audio loops, with the option to use the fourth loop as a control switch. Use it to add loop switching to an existing system with a simple MIDI controller, or use it to expand the number of true bypass loops in a Pedal Palette or Switch Dr. setup. For larger setups, connect multiple Loop Expanders in series.

• 4 relay true bypass audio loops
• 4th loop can be used for amp channel switching
• Switchable discrete, Class A input buffer
• Small form factor for mounting underneath pedals or on a rack shelf
• Multiple Loop Expanders can be connected in series
• Works with MIDI Program Changes or MIDI Control Changes

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review