VegaTrem VT1 Ultra Trem Modern 2-Point Vega Tremolo SATIN

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Product Overview

 VegaTrem VT1 Tremolo System - Modern 2-Point version - SATIN SILVER FINISH

After so many years in the music products industry, it is easy to get jaded. So many great products (and some not so great) come and go every year and barely make a ripple in the guitar world. But every now and then something really special comes along; something that offers innovation and provides a new or improved solution to issues with which we are all at least somewhat familiar. The new Vega Trem VT1 is one such product.

What does the Vega Trem have us so excited?

  • Replaces Modern 2-point Strat bridges without modification (American Standard, Gotoh 510, Wilkinson, etc.). No drilling or routing is required.
  • Enables full-floating action with upward/sharp motion without angling the back of the bridge or routing a recess.
  • Effortlessly returns to "zero" without resistance from the tremolo fulcrum points.
  • Locks the solid stainless steel saddles in place, providing super solid connection with no extraneous movement regardless of string tension.
  • Very short distance between string ball end and saddle witness point, providing maximum string bending compliance for a slinky bending feel, with superb tuning stability.
  • Custom block allows pulling up and into the stock trem cavity route for huge bends, up to 5 half steps.
  • Full range of motion with minimal fulcrum resistance, allowing for full range of floating whammy techniques. Flutters, faux slide and pedal steel licks, etc. all easily controlled.
  • Low-profile hardware allows for traditional feel and wrist comfort, and expressive palm muting/wresting techniques.

The patented VT system (ES 1119430 U) is based on two basic principles: the adaptation of the bridge dimensions to the existing standard cavity in the ST models and the bridge pivoting system. Adapting the dimensions aims to allow the bridge to freely enter into the cavity of the guitar body by pulling the whammy bar back (tensioning the strings) and requires a redesign of the complete assembly (saddles, plate and block). To optimize the movement of the bridge, the pivotal center of action has been changed by adding a part (fulcrum) that replaced the traditional concept of support on screws, giving more amplitude to that movement. The shape of the point of support of the plate on the fulcrum has also been changed, minimizing friction, which is practically non-existent. The result is a homogeneous action very pleasing to the musical performance totally free of unwanted noises. (It is recommended to use low friction nuts and locking tuners).

The quality of the VT1 UltraTrem bridge is born not only of a particularly reliable and robust design, but also of the exceptionally reliable manufacturing process. All of its components are made of high quality stainless steel, even the block is made of galvanized steel. We manufacture in Madrid, Spain with the same materials, quality, process and precision control used in the manufacturing of surgical material. This is the only way to offer you an unbeatable 2 year warranty (we double the guarantee period of the best sold vibratos all over the world until now).

Please select the appropriate fulcrum style for your installation. Standard for 6-screw vintage trem, or 2-point for Gotoh 510, Fender American Standard or similar systems. Please contact us if you need help choosing. Each system includes 4 sets of springs to correspond to your choice of string gauge.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review