Synergy IICP All-Tube Dual-Channel Module

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Product Overview

The IICP Module is Synergy’s tribute to one of the most iconic tone machines ever
created. For all the continuing development and refinement of modern multi-featured
amps, the original mark series amp this module is based on is still one of the most sought after and hotly discussed guitar amplifiers around.

In the early days of boutique amp development, Steve Fryette worked at Valley Arts Guitars, then the Los Angeles epicenter of high-performance guitar and amplifier expertise. It was there that Steve got first-hand experience with the evolution of this ground-breaking amplifier so, it was a natural fit for Synergy to invite Steve, who was instrumental in the development of Synergy systems already, to design this module. Armed with intimate insight and a passion for perfection, Steve applies a singular focus on the true essence of this legendary amp.

The Synergy IICP module captures the original amplifier's Fullerton inspired cleans and distinctive mid saturated overdrive. Its dual-channel design provides instant switching access to some of the most lauded sounds in hard rock history. The amp's brite and shift controls are present and accounted for, as is the switchable 5-band EQ.  From powerful low-end girth to sparkling harmonics, the IICP delivers a surprisingly broad sonic pallet in an ultra-convenient, all-tube module.

For vintage mark series fans, the Synergy IICP preamp module leaves no sonic stone unturned.


Many of the new Synergy modules, come equipped with a 3-position switch that allows you to configure the input tubes overall response to match the original circuit of the selected module. The IICP module differs from this arrangement in that it automatically selects between the two profiles that ideally match the intended performance of each channel. This ensures that each channel mode will exhibit the feel and tonal balance that the amplifier this is based on is known for.

Synergy IICP Preamp Module Features:

  • Built in U.S.A.
  • All-tube preamp module custom designed by Steven Fryette
  • Two channels offer a full range of Clean, Overdrive and High-Gain Distortion sounds
  • Clean Channel - Volume and Master controls, Brite & Shift Switches
  • Lead Channel - Lead Gain and Lead Volume controls, Lead Brite & Lead Shift switches
  • Shared Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls
  • Five-Band Graphic EQ with Auto Assign switch
  • 2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes ensure rich harmonic performance
  • Easy to install and remove from Synergy preamp docks
Synergy IICP Module Tips and Tricks
- The Bass Pull Shift function from the original amp is managed by the cathode select circuitry in the Synergy module, as it acts on the first tube stage (part of the Synergy hardware, not the module). It automatically selects “pulled” in the clean/blue channel and “pushed” in the lead/red channel.
- The amp’s Lead Pull Bright is hardwired to “pulled” on the IICP Module.
- The 2 Bright switches on the IICP module act as the amp's first stage Volume Pull Bright. This allows you to select the Volume Pull Bright per channel.
- The Shift toggle switches on the IICP module represent the Treble Pull Shift function from the amp. This allows you to select the Shift per channel on the module.
- The rotary controls work just as they do on the original amp. The first stage volume control cascades into the lead channel’s Lead Drive knob. Higher settings of this first volume knob result in higher available gain on the lead channel, as well as the clean channel. This is typically set between 6-8 for the widest range of clean and distorted tones. For maximum distortion, compression and sustain, crank it to 10. Please note that getting a crystal clear tone on the clean channel with these extreme settings may be a challenge, just as on the original amp.
- The Treble control has very active effect on the circuit and higher settings increase gain and sustain, while also mitigating the impact of the bass and mid controls.
- The Bass control is very sensitive in high gain settings. It is not uncommon to have this control set between 0-2 with very high gain tones. Removing the bass early in the circuit and adding low end push with the 5-band Graphic EQ is standard practice for this circuit.
- The original amp’s presence control operates on the power section, so this preamp presence control is unique to the IICP module and a subtle but useful addition.

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