Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage Pedal White

Seymour Duncan

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Product Overview

By focusing beyond just the tonal characteristics of Palladium, we designed an innovative architecture that captures the full-bodied depth and character of rock and metal’s most iconic high gain tube amps. You can use it with a power amp or a clean guitar amp to create your ultimate high gain signature sound, and replicate your favorite classic and high gain amp tones. Or use it in front of a distorted amp to tighten up the attack for rhythms or to increase sustain and saturation for solos.

However you choose to use Palladium, we hope you hear and feel the impact of great tone, body and depth in your unique sound. Palladium features three gain stages: a gain stage to control the overall saturation, a resonance control for low frequency gain shaping, and a boost control that adds overdrive to the beginning of the signal path. These three gain stages allow for a versatile range of tones, from classic rock at lower settings to modern metal at higher gain settings.

The pedal also offers a comprehensive EQ, with bass, treble, presence and sweepable midrange-frequency control, so you can make Palladium sound perfect with any amp.

Tech Specs:
Type of circuitry:
Low noise op amps and germanium clipping diodes

Bypass: True hard-wire bypass

Control Functionality:
Sets amount of bass boost or cut
Mid Level: Sets amount of mid frequency boost or cut
Mid Freq: Sets location of center frequency of mid boost or cut.
Treble: Sets amount of treble boost or cut
Presence: Sets amount of boost or cut above the treble frequency range
Level: Sets the output signal level
Gain: Sets the amount of gain at high frequencies from 42.5dB to 71dB Resonance: Sets the amount of gain at low frequencies from 41.5dB to 66dB Boost Knob: Sets the amount of additional gain provided by the Boost footswitch Boost Footswitch: Engages the Boost function
Input Impedance: 500K ohms
Output Impedance: 2.8k ohms
Gain Range: 42.5dB to 71dB
Resonance Gain Range: 41.5dB to 66dB
Boost Gain: 25dB
Noise Referred To Input: <-124 dBV, 400 Hz to 20 kHz

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review