Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Fusion Lead Bridge Pickup

Seymour Duncan

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Seymour Duncan Custom Shop “Fusion Lead” Bridge Pickup

Inspired by some of the most powerful, creative and masterful guitarists blazing a path through the world of modern jazz fusion in the mid-1980s, we asked the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop to wind us a few bridge pickups that would have been a perfect fit for those master players during that amazing period.

We started with a Custom Shop-aged AlNiCo 5 magnet and ’59 coils wound to neck position specs. We chose Trembucker spacing for these, allowing for the widest range of bridge potion compatibility in most electric guitars. The extra length of the bobbins results in an ever-so-slightly higher DCR versus a standard 59 neck pickup - about 3-5% higher- giving just a touch more sustain and output. We then chose perhaps the most critical component: Double rows of adjustable pole screws. Each pickup has 12 pole screws rather than the 6 screws and 6 slugs in traditional humbucker design. This change gives each pickup enhanced warmth and fatness, emphasizing a beautiful, singing midrange with enough clarity and sustain to enhance long, fluid lines and an incredible turn-on-a-dime dynamic range.

DCR in this batch ranges from 7.74-7.96k, with black bobbins and nickel screws, Trembucker spacing, short legs, 4-conductor wiring, and wax potting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review