BluGuitar MIDI1 MIDI Cable Adaptor for AMP1

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Product Overview

MIDI1- Integrate AMP1 into your Midi setup


If you want to use a MIDI system with a MIDI controller of your choice, you can operate AMP1using the BluGuitar MIDI1 adapter. This turns the FOOT SWITCH socket on AMP1 into a MIDI IN socket. All of AMP1´s functions (Clean - Overdrive, Boost, Reverb and the choice of the three overdrive channels) can be accessed using MIDI programme switching. The MasterVolume, Gain/Clean Volume and PowerSoak can also be switched via MIDI.

The electronic interface is supported by AMP1. No additional cables or power supplies are required.

Every possible switching operation in AMP1 can be sourced using a MIDI Programm change signal. As a result, up to 128 presets are possible.

Allocation is run through AMP1´s MIDI-Learn function


(No reviews yet) Write a Review