Floyd Rose Pro Mod Performance Package

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Product Overview

The 1000 Series Floyd Rose tremolo is nearly identical to the Original Made-In-Germany tremolo we stock, but it's only sold as an OEM component to manufacturers. It is priced a bit more economically, allowing guitar companies to provide a high-quality Original Floyd Rose trem on mid-range instruments. It is standard issue on many fine electric gutiars, including the  line.


As fine as the 1000 series tremolo is, the devil is always in the details. And we wouldn't be here if we didn't lose sleep over even over the most minute details in the pursuit of tonal nirvana. Thanks to our extensive experience with all manner of Floyd Rose tremolos and close relationship with Floyd Rose, we have come up with a package of several components that bring the feel and performance of the 1000 series up to - and in some ways even beyond -  the Original FRT standards.


This kit includes the following Floyd Rose components, all made in Germany, and selected to provide specific perfomance upgrades to the 1000 series tremolo bridges.

  • Push-in tremolo arm- Replaces the threaded collar and stock arm for easy push-in attachment and infinite adjustment of the arm tension. Pop the arm in and out in seconds and keep is as loose (swinging out of the way) or as tight (stays put) as you want it.
  • Stainless Steel screws- The saddle lock, string lock bolts and nut clamp screws are stainless steel to ensure threads and heads stay sharp and clean, with no wear, cracking or oxidation.
  • 32mm Fat Brass Block- Adds mass to the trem for additional volume and sustain. Supplied in 32mm to replace the stock block on Charvel Pro-Mods. Other lengths availble on request.
  • Noiseless springs- Helps reduce the sympathetic vibration of stock tremolo springs. Sympatheic vibrations actually reduce sustain and volume by dissipating acoustic energy. The coating on these springs minimizes that natural resonance.
  • German fine-tuner screws- Replace this component for a smoother, more solid feel than the stock 1000 series screw. Significantly improved fine-tuning performance.


Available with chrome, black, black nickel or gold arm. Please specify color at time of order.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review